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Equip Boys for Manhood. Learn more.

Prepare your sons for manhood with our Christian books, CDs, movies, and toys for boys. Our Christian books for boys encourage manhood, faith, and honor by telling the stories of history, teaching practical skills, stimulating boys’ imaginations with adventurous Christian novels, and fortifying your sons’ walk with the Lord. Boys love our Christian radio dramas, messages, and audiobooks which we hope will help create a new generation of godly men as leaders in their homes, churches, and country.

Our Christian movies for boys are edifying alternatives to Hollywood’s destructive films. We offer exciting adventure movies, thought-provoking documentaries, suspenseful dramas, practical how-to films, and many more Christian movies for boys. Our movies and films teach boys how to defend the Bible, understand history from a Christian worldview, refute evolution, and act as Christian gentlemen.

Boys young and old enjoy our toys, including play swords, replica guns, LEGO®-compatible building blocks, spy gear, and historical costume accessories.

Your sons will grow up to be fathers and leaders of their future families, and the time they spend now playing, reading, watching, and listening as boys will dramatically affect how they act as adults. Prepare your sons to be men of action with our Christian books, CDs, movies, and toys for boys.

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