All I can say is you have EXCELLENT customer service!

Our first purchase from you was a zip line. That was 10–12 years ago, and it still goes up every summer and our grandkids give it a real workout.

I was interested in the Plymouth book, because we discovered just recently that my husband and I are both descended from Mayflower passengers, I from 7 of the families. Looking forward to the book.


Thank you so much for your quick reply and helpfulness. We love Vision Forum and have been so blessed by this ministry.

All of the staff at Vision Forum have always been kind, helpful, and true examples of Jesus Christ. Thank you! We will…continue to order products from Vision Forum!

—Anne Phillips

My whole family REALLY appreciates VF and all that you produce for our family to enjoy, learn, and grow from! THANK YOU!

—Marlene Van Kooten

I just wanted to take the time to offer a great big "Thank you" to your organization for offering so many quality items at great prices. The Spring Sale and Deal of the Day have been incredible. I stocked up on some "extras" for a Science Night in our homeschool community, hoping to bless others with Jonathan Park and The Mysterious Islands. Also, after reading part way through So Much More by the Botkin sisters, I am purchasing another to send to a Godly young woman struggling to identify her place in this world. I was challenged by the book and know that she will be too.

—Andrea Jones

I look forward to using these materials to educate myself and our children. It is always a pleasure doing business with Vision Forum and we are happy to support your ministry for families to the glory of God.

—Jill Johnson

I thank you for matching the other site's price. Your customer service is what keeps me coming back to Vision Forum. I have always been highly satisfied. I continually recommend Vision Forum to others.

—Suzanne Wallis

Our family appreciates your ministry and always purchases from VF. You have always had our business but around Christmas time you solidified the fact we will always shop with VF. I had purchased a book that you later chose not to carry because of its contents. You went above and beyond and e-mailed us notifying us of your oversight in the book and you gave me a 10.00 gift certificate on our next purchase, which we promptly used. This type of excellent service is unheard of and we thank you. We chose not to return the book but to toss it in the trash. We appreciated the offer for a refund but we wanted to just trash it and let VF keep that money. Thank you for all you do!!!!


Your company is marvelous. I am really happy with everything that you do. Thanks for sending the extra slingshot—the birthday party is this Sunday so it arrived in plenty of time.


I want to take a few moments to describe the impact that Vision Forum has had upon me.

At the time I received my first VF catalogue I had two children with maybe one on the way. I now have 6 children. I work at home. I lead family worship. And nothing is more important to me than my role as father and husband.

The set "Give Me Your Heart My Son" broke my heart. I wept time and time again listening to these talks as God convicted my heart regarding my sins and shortcomings. God used VF to change me, and I'm sure it will have changed my progeny for generations. GOD BLESS YOU Vision Forum! Don't ever feel you've not accomplished your goal. You did in my life, and I will eternally be grateful to you.

I am so humbled by your generosity. A couple of weeks ago I made a big order to take advantage of a coupon I had, along with registering for the Normandy tour. Then my husband revealed to me our financial crisis. I called and left a message to see if someone could please just cancel all my orders; not only did they, but they also kept me registered for the tour free of charge. I can't thank you enough. When ministries reach out to people in need, like you have, then I know you haven't lost the real reason for your ministry. Thanks and may God continue to prosper you.

Thank you so much… It's wonderful to purchase products from a company with integrity. Praise the Lord.


Thank you for your passion to present God's Truth and to encourage other men and women to do the same!

—Sommer Sorenson

We have been so blessed by the wonderful products that Vision Forum sells. Thank you for your wonderful ministry!

—Jill Toews

I am so enjoying the books and other items that I've received from Visions Forum! I watch daily for specials and discounts and am never disappointed! Please pass on my extreme pleasure with your company. I hope to order from you for years to come!

—Mrs. Vicki Hassessian

I have always found your business to one of integrity. You have always made things right. Again, I thank you for allowing me to recommend your business to others with confidence.

—Steve Huston

I just wanted to send a brief email and thank you for the wonderful products that you carry and the effort you put into building up families. Vision Forum has become one of my favorite spots for family resources. I don't have to weed through a lot of fluff, easy reading, and loose standards. Instead I find quality books that are well-written and edifying, and other valuable products that aren't available in stores. I am so very thankful for Vision Forum! You have made a positive impact on our family.

—Mrs. Kristen Smith

I got to hear Doug Philips speak in person for the first time this weekend at the Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference. Thank you for being such a challenge and encouragement! You had me in tears many times—sometimes from being touched emotionally by what you said, other times out of conviction from what you said! Thank you for not compromising in a world that says that is okay.

—Deborah Tallman Wilson

I want to send my thanks to all of you at Vision Forum. I received the CD set today that you sent. I am so looking forward to listening to the CDs and applying them to our lives. Once again thank you so much.

—Jamie Stanger

We are truly blessed with this website. We started homeschooling our children on January 2010…we have 5 kids: 3 girls (15, 14, and 11 years old) and 2 boys (4 and 2 years old). We are looking forward to serving the Lord with all our hearts and you. Thank you so much for the material that you sent to us, we were not expecting such a surprise.

—The Navas Family

I just want to say thank you for such wonderful customer service. Not only did I (finally) get my drawing kit that I ordered, but also, someone called to let me know it had been shipped.

Though I inadvertently deleted my $10 passport, I appreciate the kind gesture. The quality of customer service reflects the standard of the Vision Forum…I will definitely keep using Vision Forum and bluebehemoth.com for superb and God-honoring merchandise!

—April Lemoine

I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your ministry. Two days ago I received our order in the mail which included a catalog. Immediately, my 4-year-old son sat down with it and started looking at the pictures and asking questions. I LOVE that all the boys in the catalog look and act like boys should and that the girls look and act like girls should.

In our culture so many times, children are portrayed as androgynous with the gender roles greatly down-played. Thank you for giving me the tools to foster Godly masculinity in my son and Godly femininity in my daughter.

—Danielle Rogers

We just wanted to write and say what an incredible blessing your ministry has been to our family!! God started turning our hearts a couple of years ago but we had no vision, direction, and no idea what this change would look like. Then we found your ministry and have eagerly devoured your teachings, products, and wisdom! In fact, we have done a complete turn around and your ministry has been the practical application of what the Holy Spirit was moving and doing in our lives and hearts! Thank you, our dear friends in Christ—all those a part of this beautiful ministry of Vision Forum—for your part in following His will for your lives and encouraging others in their Walk!!!

With much love, blessing, and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight…

—The Price Family

Thank you! We shall give away the CD. We so appreciate Vision Forum. I can not put into words what this ministry has meant to my beloved husband and family.

—Mrs. Cole Hughes

I had a dinner with my next-door neighbor 2 nights ago, our first time in deep conversation. The subject was mostly about Creation vs Evolution, difficult questions about religious beliefs, etc. I responded to his questions to the best of my ability based on info from my Bible college days in the late 60's, telling what I could remember about Dr. John Morris's experiences.

Imagine my surprise when I chanced to have the TV on at 2 am and saw the video of The Mysterious Islands, which led me to your Biblical evidences resources! I believe that I was being prodded by the Holy Spirit to purchase the tools that responded to the specific subjects in our dinner conversation. I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your efforts to promote true Biblical principles and history. I am intrigued by many of your media titles and wish it were within my means to purchase them and pass them around among the population!

Thanks…the DVDs were great. We received the same DVDs for Christmas. We love your company and always look forward to the wonderful products you sell.


Thank you so much for replacing it for us! My son will be thrilled. We have always enjoyed your catalog and products and appreciate the good customer service as well.


Thank you for the Biblically sound materials you make produce and make available to others, thereby impacting many for the glory of God. We are truly appreciative of all the materials we have received from your company in the past year, for the challenges they put before us, for putting so succinctly into words what we know is true but often do not stop to ponder and work out, and for constantly directing us back to '…what saith the Scriptures.'

—Renita Timmerman

I just wanted you at Vision Forum to know what a blessing you and your products are to me and my family. I thank you so much for always standing for truth and for giving us such quality products to help in our children's walk with the Lord and their education. I always know that what I order from Vision Forum will uplift the word of God and I can trust everything I read and every product my family uses. It is so important at times like this to have Vision Forum.


We ordered our items from Vision Forum specifically as we feel the need to spend our money wisely, give our children items that will be God-honoring in their play, thoughts, and work. We are also sure that we want to give our money to those organizations that practice what they teach and preach BEHIND the items they sell.

For this reason alone we ordered all our gifts, except a bucket of paint for a newly married daughter.… We are happy to help in keeping the message alive so my children's children will also have a God-honoring place to shop.

Thank you for all you do! We praise God and thank Him for how VF products have changed our lives.

—Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Liebl

Our family has been so incredibly blessed by your ministry. We are always so happy with the merchandise we purchase at Vision Forum. We learn so much about family, courage, church, unity in the body, men's and women's roles, sufficiency of scripture, entrepreneurship, and the list goes on. Our family has been reforming these past ten years and God has providentially used your ministry in our lives and our ministry to others. I have always been able to tell others that "everything I order is edifying and I have not been disappointed." Even when I have had to call with a problem on an order or exchange your employees have been the most kind and always helpful and respectful—A true blessing.

Thank you VF for your excellence in customer service! When I did not receive one of the several DVD's I ordered but instead another in its place, you promptly mailed out the missing item and offered me the other to keep. I received the missing item in just a few days, all this during Christmas week! Thank you so much, God bless you!

—Suzanne Tromburg

I'm so excited to be receiving your catalog. The adventure-based boy items that encourage strength, courage, daring, chivalry and outdoorsmanship are exactly what my husband and I are looking for as we raise our boys. I wanted to let you know that we appreciate you!

I've been a "fan" of Vision Forum for about 10 years ever since I discovered the ministry at the end of my first year homeschooling. Your ministry has truly blessed me and my family. I've never written to the ministry before, but I was compelled to write a message as requested by Beall Phillips at the end of the DVD presentation, Tea with Michelle Duggar. I want to sincerely thank you for this DVD; it was a tremendous encouragement to me.… I'm ordering two copies to give to young moms who are excepting in a few months. Thank you Vision Forum and God Bless You ALL!!

This is regarding a past message I sent.… I was frustrated and upset because the sword and shield set I had ordered my son for his 7th birthday had broken in the first hours of use. I wanted to follow up on my previous email with a note to let you know how satisfied I am with your customer service. Within a few days, someone had called me and expressed their apologies and asked what I would like to do about the situation. My money was refunded quickly. I greatly appreciate your attention to the needs of your customers. In a world where you barely get a smile much less someone who cares about the quality of their products and customer satisfaction, this is refreshing to say the least. So, thank you Vision Forum, for your prompt response and caring attitude.

—Annette Pool

Thank you for your prompt and caring customer service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. It is evident your company strives in high standards to service and meet the needs of the customer. May the good Lord continue to prosper the ministry of Vision Forum.

Thank you again!


I just received my order and would like to express my appreciation for Vision Forum's quick processing and ministry. You all are a blessing!


Thank you for all the great deals and wonderful products in your store. Your ministry has blessed our family in ways that only eternity will reveal!

—Paul Terrell

I feel so blessed to have gotten your magazine for the first time—I don't know how it came here, but I'm sure God was behind that. I am SO EXCITED to see bluebehemoth.com and all the Christian influences, teaching and entertainment that are available. What a GREAT alternative to what this world has to offer. THANK YOU!

—Deborah McDowell

The arrival of the new Jonathan Park CDs caused great excitement in our home today. Good thing the normal school work was just about finished—the boys could hardly wait to start listening.

Thank you for this ministry. The boys have learned so much through these great stories.

—Bernice Demers

Tonight, I looked through my Vision Forum catalog and felt like I had a great secret in knowing about your company and that I was being selfish in keeping it all to myself and so while I certainly wouldn't part with my catalog, I just posted a blog post about the Vision Forum on our family website. Thank you so much for providing great products at a reasonable price!

I have recently finished reading the book, The Little Boy Down the Road. It was recommended to me at the Homeschool Convention in Cincinatti during a session on mothers parenting sons. This is one of THE best books I have ever read! It inspired me to be the mother God wants and intends for me to be, and to raise my children wholly for the Lord.


I couldn't have done this if I had tried! No more than 20 minutes after my first e-mail the UPS delivery man knocks at my door and voilà—my Vision Forum package is at my door!!!

Wow! You guys are good!!! (hehehe) Thank you!

—Carol Verdin

As always, it is a pleasure to do business with you. We have 15 children and our family has been blessed by the books and materials you have produced and marketed.

—Melissa Glisson

Thank you for your reply. I do really appreciate your service and the benefit I and my family have received from your web site.

—Kirstine Flanagan

I just want to tell you how inspiring your new catalog is, and thank you for making such wonderful items available for Christian families. I find myself having "I-want-itis" as I look through it :) There is so much there to encourage us as believers, as families, as individuals living in a corrupt culture. Again, thank you!

—Lynn Leaman

Our family has greatly benefited over the years from this ministry and company! Aside from purchasing a host of books and curriculum supplements they also offer strengthening Christian entertainment through literature, videos, audio books and so much more. If you are looking for a place to buy Christmas presents and don't want to waste money on dumbed down gifts…Vision Forum offers educational gifts that kids love.

—Angie Tolpin

I was almost moved to tears when I read the title for 2011 catalogue and summary. We are a young family with 2 toddlers so far in Adelaide, South Australia and agree with everything we have heard taught from Vision Forum.… We are careful in everything we do and make and buy and find total joy in it.

Holding fast to the vision God has so clearly given us that has been growing and growing has been an uphill climb, but every step has become a blessing. We need encouragement at this point to persevere and endure. I know we would rather die than give in to mediocrity, but everyone around us has chosen that easier life with less children, secure jobs and simple packaged living. Any how, on behalf of Derek and myself, I just wanted to express how timely your title is! Thank you for being willing to be stand firm in the teachings of Scripture.

—Anna Ewer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Vision Forum for your generosity and the character of "going the extra miles" by sending us the book The Little Boy Down the Road (the free gift for early registration for the writing course), despite the distance.

Thanks to all for your labor of love in Christ!

—Mrs. Leong

I would like to take a moment today to say thank you. Your diligence and passion to provide godly, edifying tools for Christian families has been an immeasurable blessing in our home. My husband and I appreciate the quality and consistency, both physical and spiritual, of these materials. Our 11-year-old daughter said this morning that it's wonderful being able to learn to be a better Christian. She loves sitting with us on the sofa when we watch a God-honoring film or lecture on DVD, listen to stories, and read Scripture together. This year we are blessed to have a Korean exchange student live with us (she's a new Christian!) and we hope to encourage the same passion for the Lord's word. Thank you again for the blessing of this ministry. I pray the Lord continues to bless you with mercy, perseverance, and joy.

—Sunny Rae Fox

I just wanted to write a note of thanks for Vision Forum. I was introduced to you just one month ago. The family of the young lady I am courting directed me to the Babies, Adoption, and Family Logistics CDs. I typically don't spend a lot of money on messages, but something prompted me to purchase them since I figured it would be good material to digest as I consider marriage. Well, I have been blown away by the messages.

Thank you for being a means of grace in my life.

I am just being blown away by all the awesome teaching and information on the Babies, Adoption, and Family Logistics CDs.… This conference is changing my life and challenging my deepest attitudes and thoughts. Wow! The first eight CDs are totally worth the cost of the entire set!

—Micah Sunderman

I just wanted to thank Vision Forum for offering the wonderful family resources that you do. And although we were unable to take advantage of your blow-out sale recently, we are so thankful that you do offer those special purchasing events. I am continuing to compile my hope-list for whenever the Lord allows us to participate!

Thanks again for blessing families in Jesus' name!

—Bethany Sullivan

The order arrived shortly after I wrote to Vision Forum. I was extremely pleased with the merchandise. The quality is above my expectations and I will confidently recommend Vision Forum to others.

—Susan Frederickson

I cannot thank you enough for offering your daily specials! My husband and I have been through tremendous financial hardships this last year and a half and I've often thumbed through your catalog and longed for enough money to order your resources. Yesterday, my friend told me about your webpage and your Deal of the Day; I am so grateful!

—Rebekah Koshar

Thank you so much for your kindness! We appreciate your company's family-promoting, family-defending stance, and your excellent customer service.

—Marilyn Weissing