As a child we called them sewing needles! I love watching the birds & squirrels while listening to music or audiobooks all while stitching. I am either watching Netflix or listening to a podcast. Actually is anyplace…..I’ve stitched in airports, in hospital waiting rooms, in the car on long rides…..when I’m embroidering, I’m transported to a quiet peaceful place. Or rather will travel when this covid-19 mess is sorted. I keep forgetting how beautiful a single color can be. My favorite stitching spot i a chair on my Sunroom where I can watch the birds on the feeders. Bliss! Squirrel, and mountain lion all visit our woods. I’ve always found blackwork to be a beautiful form of embroidery, My favorite stitching spot is in a cruise ship lounge with the big window letting the sun come through, right now it is in the family room sitting under Stella. Blackwork has never really appealed to me but this book might just change my mind! Thank you Mary for all your hard work this past year. We joke that the living room is starting to look like craftroom 2.0 with my stitching stuff creeping into our shared space. My favorite stitching spot is in my family room. The Embroiderer's Flowers. I’m posting this again as I obviously didn’t finish reading the directions. Now that winter is here I’m seeing a lot of diners and drama out there. It’s a combination sewing room, computer room and also has a pull-out couch/bed for when we happen to have company. Hmmmm…..let me see! Small desk in my spare bedroom with beautiful northern exposure and great daylight to stitch by. With an Ott light behind the chair, I am set! Rest of the family have gone out! Exquisite concept! A comfy sweater is all I need! A great spot! Ashley. I can see the TV in the opposite corner, and I have my stitching cart in the very corner within arm’s length. Continue Shopping Category: Art Cards, Books & Prints. the second spot for things like beading and precise marking is my desk and straight back chair. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my usual stitching spot lately is on my bed. The four windows are 7 feet tall, and the morning light is just perfect for stitching. Here I am at the computer and if I want to stitch, I just turn 180 degrees in my office chair and am at my table – which was my mother-in-law’s first dining room table and works great in my work room. I was taught to sit that way after surgery some years ago. 21 - Fall Stitching, Anyone? I’ve been trying to persuade Sant to buy Jen Goodwin’s new book on Blackwork . This book is beautiful!! I also have a few frames and supplies on a low boy that is flush against a wall so everything I might need is within arm’s reach. Merry Christmas. I’m certain it would be lovely to own. This time of year he indulges me with listening to Christmas music while we work. I can watch the hummingbirds flitter and dart around the lemon tree in the backyard and enjoy their beautiful shiny colors. When stitching at home I head to my “stitching easy chair” in my living room. She does an expert job of supervising and making sure my threads aren’t tangled. I enjoy stitching in my family room which has two large windows for lots of natural light. but I prefer to stitch in my dining room. There is a good chance I will end up “trapped” with a cat on my lap, so I need to be sure I don’t run out of floss! My house faces south, so the sun comes in all afternoon & the lighting is perfect for hours of stitching. It’s an absolute do-not spot for those of us whom are being careful with our work. Morning Mary My favorite stitching spot has changed through the years, I like a straight back chair with my frame but they can move pretty much anywhere – I used to like being right in the action of the family but now with health issues I like to be a bit removed or to the side; so I can hear but not having issues with my field of vision and they can pop a peek over my shoulder then return to their desires. It’s light is perfect, with a magnifier built in so my aging eyes can see clearly. The best part is that my chair over looks the bench seat in front of the window that looks out over our back yard. My favorite stitching spot is in my recliner with my feet up(bad back). Such a tranquil place to sit and stitch in the early morning. Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2016, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 12, 2013. We take holidays in our old camper van and frequently visit Cornwall to a campsite on the cliff top overlooking the ocean. ((The pattern is of an owl; I’m a very “only” person and intend to have an owl stitched in many different genres.) I have my own sewing room where I also do my embroidery, knitting and crocheting. Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2014. i like to stitch in my den with the fireplace going and a good show on tv, My sunroom is my favorite place. It gets near constant sunlight in summer, and there’s room for the cat to curl up next to me without getting in my way. I sit at this table because I have great lighting and a magnifier light installed on my desk. Hi, Mary, and Merry-Merry Christmas! Haha! …but please do make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the Email line of the form. Also, behind me is the opening into the kitchen which faces east so I get good, but not direct, lighting earlier in the day. I have a lovely chaise in the corner of my bedroom where I stitch…. My favorite stitching spot is in a sunny room on my recliner with my floor frame and Ott lamp with magnifier to the left and a small table to the right and easy viewing distance from our TV. Blackwork embroidery was very popular in Tudor times, and it is now enjoying a tremendous revival. Favorite stitching spot is…where I always sit. My favorite stitching spot: The comfy sofa, near a window, with a really good lamp for the evening time, nestled in the warmest corner of the room. My favourite spot is a chair in front of the fireplace with a good book on the Audible player. My favorite place to stitch is in the living room next to a window facing east. Paradise! I have two favorite spots. It’s usually cool. My favourite stitching place is my back room which has lots of natural light, with a daylight lamp if needed comfy chair, kitchen next door for when l need refreshments, radio and cd player for music and taking books. My favorite stitching spot is my living room where, when I look up, I can see beautiful mesquite trees with a dry lake bed and shadowy mountains in the distance. I have to say one my favorite needlework is Blackwork. If I get this it will be a treat for my blackwork loving wife. I love the intricacy and unique look. The book was not new but was in good condition. My favorite stitching spot is the desk by my front window. It looks like a good way to start the new year. That's only half of it, as much blackwork was done in reversible designs of fruit, flowers, animals and geometric shapes. My stitching spot is a recliner in the living room with a view of the bird feeders in the front yard. Merry Christmas Mary. My hand sewing supplies fit nicely in my Mom’s old sewing basket. I also enjoy stitching while sitting in the back of my daughters dance class, it’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour. I love to stitch at a Tuesday stitch in with friends. My stitching spot is the living room couch, in front of TV that has either a British mystery show or NCIS playing on it, with my Ott light and all my special stitching tools to my left, and at least one small dog under my right elbow! Leave your comment by 5:00 am Central Standard Time, Monday, December 21st. I have a comfortable chair near both windows It’s currently not in use because the Christmas tree evicted me. I do my stitching in my conservatory. I keep promising myself I will set up a corner of my studio for embroidery, but the design is still in my head! It is also my TV chair and I have several of the ‘beanbag’ type TV trays so I can swap out my stitching for a snack or meal tray and just carry on. Jen’s practice focuses on creating highly detailed and technical pieces incorporating imaginative designs and naturalistic depicted themes. My favorite stitching spot is a wicker chair by a long low window near the kitchen: good light and a view of a very small garden. Listening to water flowing and the birds singing while creating ….heaven on earth! Outside the window I can watch neighbors walking their dogs, birds flittering through the shrubs, and the snow covered mountains are just a fingertip away. Thanks again for the chance to win. My favorite stitching place is on my back deck in the sunshine. Good light and a comfy sofa with room to lay out all my items. That is my favorite stitching spot. My favourite spot is just about anywhere that affords me uninterupted peace & quiet! My tools are ready to hand, and there is even room for a cat in my lap. When my eyes get tired I look out the window for some rest. My favorite stitching spot is the couch at home,but I love when I go to ega and sit and stitch with friends. However, I frequently take the opportunity to stitch while I am behind the steering wheel of the car in a parking lot while waiting for a family member who is in a building getting therapy. My favourite place to stitch is in my back room in the early morning sun. I have a fold-up table abs a comfortable chair, as well as a fantastic lamp. There I have room to spread out my project, threads, and tools. It is a comfortable chair with a footrest, good reading lamp and a side table with a basket on it which houses my collection of bookmarks, needles, scissors, small ruler, pens and hand cream. I am trying to learn as many different ways to embroider. That can be very interesting when the Bluejays and Cardinals start fussing about who is big boss of the feeder! And my sewing basket can be stashed behind the chair when I want to tidy up. I have picture windows looking out onto the rolling hills of western North Dakota. Or I can turn my head just a little bit to the right and watch the birds feeding at our feeder right outside the window by my chair. I have decent lighting in here and all my handstitching takes place here. I love to stitch in my living I have a big picture window I get a lot of natural light and the morning is so quite it’s my time, My favourite stitching spot is “my” couch (aka the couch the little ones are not allowed to jump on!). My glass table is right in front of that big window with my Dazor lamp ready to magnify and light up any project that needs it. Thanks Mary for your generosity in this matter. I am very partial to British mysteries so it cuts into my sewing. My spot is a club chair in the living room with an ott lite positioned behind me and a hassock in front of me. For me, there is no such thing as a single favorite spot…there are several! We live in Wyoming, so to go anywhere is a fairly long drive. Here’s a little bit about my favorite stitching spot… Our family moved from California to Pennsylvania this year (tough year to be moving, believe me!). Hi! Ott light over my shoulder. Everything is set up there to stitch comfortably. It faces East and has wonderful morning sun. My desk light is right there when I need that extra bit of light. And if I’m working on something not very fine, I can run the elliptical exercise machine with my feet. Barb W, MO. The light is to my right on the table and the rest of the table is full of works in progress and supplies. This blackwork is just stunning! There are several types of lighting available, and a magnifier too, should one be necessary for my old eyes. She combines surface embroidery, goldwork, intricate shading, a vast number of patterns, pattern darning, and other approaches to achieve a unique and complex presentation of blackwork. My favorite stitching spot, especially at Christmas time, is sitting in the living room in front of the lighted Christmas tree that is framed by the window and now the white snow outside. I can watch an old movie on TCM or Hallmark Christmas movies or Zoom with fellow stitchers. Spiral bound it will also stay open for reference while working. My favorite stitching spot is the couch, because I can have all supplies around me, including the dog and two cats. My ottlite is next to to my spot, and my cat has room to sleep next to me. my favourite stitching spot is a large comfortable armchair by the window and the open fire, with a large mug of tea, a wonderful natural light lamp and music-just now some lovely Christmas carols, My favorite stitching spot is my couch in my family room. Just sitting on our lumpy sofa with my lamp and an ott light. Favorite This has been my only place over the last 8 months, since my husband took over my craft table to work from home. My favourite sewing spot is my swinging seat in my front porch, accompanied by my lovely black labradors. My coffee sits in front of me. While stitching, I’m quite entertained by the antics of squirrels and wrens fighting over seeds. Thank you for asking. Sometimes, a throw if necessary. I guess it is not the place but just the practice of enjoying myself. I am right next to a window so I have wonderful light. My favorite spot is my “Herbs & Plants” sunroom. Blackwork Embroidery, Techniques and Projects,book would be an absolute dream I love blackwork especially (along with all of forms of needlework) and have enjoyed your blog ever since my daughter introduced me to it. I like to sit in my recliner in my living room beside the window. I like to stitch in my recliner next to my good lamp in front of the tv. My favorite place to stitch is in my husband’s well worn leather recliner surrounded by windows looking out on my backyard which I turned into a wildlife reserve after we bought the house. Love it all, Mary. I need lots of light, so my stitching spot is usually the kitchen table! Oh, and with a podcast or audio book playing. There, for a change in vision depth, I can watch the seasons go by and the birds at the feeder stations and bird bath, often the antics of squirrels too as they raid the feeders and ignore their peanut and corn table. Thanks for the opportunity to share! After I get my tasks done for the day I can pull out my latest project and stitch in quiet solitude. I could happily stitch there forever. In between stitches I sip on a cup of hot tea and just enjoy the moment. I have to fight my cat for my favourite sewing spot as it is also his favourite snoozing spot. I sit on my three person sofa and I have a coffee table in front of me. I am happy when I spend time in there. The key is to have a good sewing kit. I have a harvest table there with my computer. My favorite stitching spot is in the sunlight sitting on my front stoop while my dogs play in the yard. I have a daylight lamp, an area for accessories, but things tend to stack up next to my chair. My favorite stitchy spot is in my sunroom where I have great natural light and can watch the birds at the feeders. Sometimes I think I should shift to a different chair, to be positioned better for the sake of body aches, but I love sitting in the living room on the couch, surrounded by furry friends, the fireplace going, and all of my supplies right around me. Twice a year I go there with 4 other stitchers for a very long weekend. My favorite stitching place is my sun porch studio, with 3 walls of windows, my big comfy, overstuffed chair, and all my stitching/crafting goodies with arms reach. In a corner of my family room, I have a comfy leather chair with my stitching stand, magnifier/light and a 3 tier rolling trolley holding my threads and whatnots! Bonus on the evenings when I get a fire going in the fireplace. . Also blackwork is amazing, it’s currently my favourite stitching style. During the colder months I usually stitch in a comfy chair! My favorite spot is my family room. There's a fair bit of information and an assortment of stitches, but as far as designs go, you're pretty much on your own. My favorite stitching spot is in the family room, in the recliner with the light coming in the window. My fave spot to sit and stitch is the lounge. So peaceful, so quiet, why, I’m in the zone right now…. Thanks for the info and opportunity. I’m fortunate to have such a lovely place to stitch. Add to cart. My favorite stitching spot is at Mermaid Lagoon in Trenton, Florida. The room has surround sound so I can listen to music while stitching. In the summer, on my deck since working outside has the best light. I have tables around me and a lovely lamp which overhangs the side of the chair to illuminate my work. I have a favorite stitching spot in the living room. I moved most of my treasures up there but then find myself bringing things back to work on them – then my bedroom becomes cluttered, it is a very pretty clutter. My favourite stitching spot is in a park under a tree with beautiful scenery. My light and 2 tables are there, and I call it my nest. Not sure if he listened… If per chance I sit to hand sew during the day, the easiest spot is in my sewing room at one of the tables where I have access to all the necessary tools for whatever project I’m currently working on. My favorite spot is sitting in my glider in our living room where I can put my feet up or not, look out the window or not, or even watch TV or not. The light is bright and indirect, there’s a breeze and the peaceful sound of insects and birds. It has a big window and a view all the way to the ocean. I would love this book as i am a beginner (even tho I am 80 yrs old). here in northern Canada. Have a Blessed Christmas. An old Christmas movie on TV , one that I have seen a hundred times so that I don’t even have to watch it, just listen. My spot is in the living room near the fireplace. I have used black in a redwork design and love the effect. A floor stand is in the room and a folding adjustable laptop computer stand can hold my pattern, if needed. Blackwork is a timeless, classic embroidery sixteenth century embroidery technique in which beautiful designs are created by stitching geometric designs on to evenweave fabric. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Next to the chair I have a magnifier lamp that you recommended, Mary, clamped to a large end table. Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2014. I love to stitch in the corner of the sofa in my living room, which more accurately is my craft room. There is a lamp on one side, a small table on the other side, and upholstered arms where I can park my needle. I am surrounded by windows. I have a lamp to the left, a husband to the right, and a tv in front that I pay just enough attention to to follow a story. When I get up for a break with my magnifying glass around my neck, my husband says I look like MC Hammer with big bling necklace! Thank you for your contributions to the world of needlework. We’ve just moved into a new home and my studio is being built, so my favourite spot will soon be completed. The only problem is that the space works so well that I forget to get up and move around! It seems to be the only time I sit down. I have a large arm chair next to a large window on the right. This approach looks interesting and I would love to get a copy of the book. Sitting on our deck overlooking the beautiful Doubtless Bay. My favorite stitching spot is in the living room. I love to do morning stitching in the Living Room with its morning light, the evening is a recliner for couch potato stitching. My favorite stitching spot is in our “office” on the second floor. My favourite stitching spot is an incredibly comfortable sofa in my craft room! My favorite stitching spot is wherever there is enough light. My favorite sewing spot (in the winter) is sitting in the sun in my dining room. I can watch the birds at the feeder through the front window. I have a comfy chair, good lighting and tv AND most important – my dog snuggled next to me! I share my home with my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. Sometimes I watch as I stitch, sometimes it is just background noise. If you are reading this in the newsletter, you can reach the comment form directly by following this link. Looks a bit odd, but works! This book looks wonderful. I am really lucky to have a special room, full of light, space and all my stitching needs surrounding me. My favourite stitching spot is a semi-recliner in the family room, with an led-lit magnifier to help my stitches be more precise, an end table for my cup of tea and all my stitchery supplies, and some soft music playing in the background. Each and every one of them has been swoon worthy. My favourite place to stitch is curled up on the sofa under a blanket, with a cup of tea within easy reach! My favorite place to stitch is my chair in my family room where the sun comes in though a large picture window. My imaginary favorite place would be seaside, warm but not too breezy, deep seated sofa, glass of iced tea next to me, birdsong. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocking chair between the front window, the tv & the heater. What I would like for a favourite spot to stitch is completely different. There is a discussion of using color and not having a defined border - very helpful. This year I added a high 4 shelf stand so I can stitch standing. First a caveat, my most fav, comfortable, and beloved spot is not where I stitch works that I am taking seriously! Couldn’t ask for more! I have loved embroidery and cross stitching for as long as I can remember. Buy Blackwork Embroidery: Technique and Design by Pascoe, Margaret (ISBN: 9780713451450) from Amazon's Book Store. Sometimes I put on soft easy listening music. The room is bright with lots of windows and there is a large covered porch attached to the building for when the weather is nice. My favourite spot to sit and do my sewing is my sunroom it has plenty of windows and lots of light. My favourite spot to sit is in my sunroom/sewing room it gets plenty of light and I have all my threads and books surrounding me and I can watch the birds and wildlife through the windows. In the evening, I have a lamp to help me to see. The step in closet has metal shelving to hold my tins of floss, beads, buttons, etc. My favorite (and only) stitching spot is in the living room. Many happy hours are spent here stitching or doodling. Have a Merry Christmas. Otherwise in my living room under my big daffodil daylight. Long story is that we are tying to build a home (weather has shut us down) and are living in our little camper trailer. I love stitching in my chair. My stitching spot is in the living room, in the chair next to the table with a lamp, and handily in front of the TV which makes a companionable sound even if I don’t look at it. Self-published, 1996, 1997. My favorite stitching spot is in a comfy chair, next to my husband – watching some television! Perfect! Thanks so much for these Christmas giveaways. Ohhh. But all this still does not stop me sitting down to stitch and then discovering either my glasses or my scissors have been left on the kitchen table! I sit in an old comfy chair I inherited from my mother in law. I stitch sitting in front of the television, in the evenings. My favorite spot to stitch is anywhere I have Needle ‘n Thread, good lighting and a project waiting to be finished. I am new to black work. A small table next to it where I keep scissors, extra thread etc. One is at a table in the church fellowship hall with 6 or 7 other stitchers busy at work on their project for the week – quilting, embroidery, crocheting, and knitting and sometimes more mundane projects like hemming a dress or repairing dog toys! If it’s cool, I turn on the fireplace. Currently building a library collection. I sit on the sofa and have a lighted magnifying glass stand very close by so I can check my work. . I’m really looking forward to sitting in the backyard by the pool and taking advantage of the sunlight! My favorite stitching spot is a comfy chair in my livingroom. Fabienne in Merion, PA. My favorite stitching spot is where ever I can stitch with friends! On warmer sunny days I can stitch under the towering redwoods in our backyard or in the sunny, back corner amid the chirping and flitting of black-crowned chickadees at the bird feeder. My favorite stitching spot is in my chair (known as the”boss chair” by my daughter in law) in the den. My favorite stitching spot is my glider/rocker near a large window. My favorite stitching spot is in my familyroom, in my favorite chair, next to the fireplace. Thanks Mary for being a wonderful virtual mentor on my stitching journey! I also have an easy chair in here to sit with a project in a hoop – or read a good book – by the window. Blackwork is one of the techniques I learned in an EGA course, so I would love to have a copy of Jen’s book! I love to sit in my living room on the couch next to the window. This way I can see the Christmas Tree, and lights outside in the evening. My spot though is not quite the same as my beautiful dog Bella died two weeks ago. MH fav stitching spit us the table at Elephant Mountain View Guest House. I have a bright a sunny sewing room. My stand works with the recliner and I have a small table next to the chair for my scissors and supplies. I miss the days when my eyes and back were young and I could pick up and stitch any place. Best part of my day!! My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my couch. Sunshine through the windows helps too. I have a big blue recliner in the corner of the living room. Each station has a bookcase next to it with a waist high shelf mostly empty that I use for tools, documentation for the current project, and as a place for a drink out of range of my project. My favorite stitching spot is any comfortable chair or couch where I can hang-out with my family while I stitch. When choosing colors for a new project, I often set up a little table in from of the window so I can be sure of the colors. The light is good and with curtains open I can look down upon the street or watch the rain coming down in Winter. My husband graciously drives while I stitch. Happy holidays and a hug for those missed. My favorite stitching spot is a comfortable chair in the bedroom. Though the hard dining chair isn’t as cushy as the typical armchair, my go-to indoor stitching spot is in the dining area, which gets marvelous light from a big NE-facing window overlooking the jungle that is currently my back yard. In these pandemic days of isolation in the US stitching with nature surrounding me is my favourite place. Since then, my spouse passed and I moved to a small 1 bedroom apartment that is lovely, but smaller than my house…. And birds… lots of birds. I usually (just about always!) They are lovely but sometimes I just want my own space with some nice music in the background. My favorite stitching spot is in my sunroom. Soon I will install solar lights and batteries to run sewing machines in the craft room. Especially when the sun is streaming through the windows. Sometimes friends join, we quietly stitch and talk and the wildlife keeps doing their thing around all of us. I enjoy stitching in my studio with great light from two windows and all my needed supplies close at hand. Stitching there while listening to the babbling of the river is pure heaven! I never have to move, which can be a problem. Happy Stitching!! My favorite spot to stitch is the big armchair in the living room, so I can easily see what’s going on around me, and what’s going on at the computers monitor. Thank you for doing this giveaway and for your newsletter, I save them for a quick reference guide. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner in the living room sitting with my husband. My stitching supplies for current projects are kept handy and portable.

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