I just purchased grapejuice also and would like to know how to integrate that into my supps. One study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that 100 g of carbohydrate as part of a sports drink improved absorption of creatine by 60% [2]. Does it work kind of like people used to talk about taking creatine with grape juice back in the 1990s? Interestingly in studies on creatine mono taken alone some people seem to be 'non responders', but when those same people take creatine with 20-30g glucose they do respond to it, suggesting the issue with non responders is one of transport into the muscle cells rather than a digestive one or 'resistance' to supplemental creatine. You can take it with any fluid except for coffee. Next people mixed their creatine with grape juice to try to get better results, but since juice is also acidic it destroys some of the creatine. Creatine Transport is an advanced creatine delivery and glycogen reload system, designed to optimise performance and increase strength and endurance. It is also OK to mix creatine with other proteins. What’s more, the larger amount of sugar has the unintended consequence of the sugar crash about 15 minutes later, which makes you tired and lethargic. Fructose was a good choice because it was moderately glycemic (glycemic index refers to the ability of a sugar to form glucose and ultimately glycogen, the prime storage of energy in the body) and easy to mix with the creatine. You will find many different recommendations on how to take creatine. Creatine can be mixed with grape juice. As if it wouldn’t be flavorless, you may probably or instantly end up with an unwanted clash. The protein I take on days I workout only. You can get away with say, creatine and OJ if you drink it right away (remember your stomach is acidic too). I am just wondering what you all mix your creatine mono with. i know you are supposed to take creatine with simple sugars like grape juice to help absorption. Companies have attempted to develop new ways to deliver creatine to the body, such as adding sugar, which enters the blood stream faster than any other carbohydrate. I wouldn't drink whey protein and creatine during your workout. In fact, experts suggested using 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of juice per 5 grams of creatine, an amount that contains about 16 grams of sugar. Tren, Eq and test cycle.Also, I have heard that you must take creatine with grape juice or it isn`t absorbable. However during the loading phase if your taking 30-50 grams of grape juice with your creatine 4 times a day, isnt that way too much simple carbs for the day which wud result in fat gain. With creatine RTDs, if the product is preserved with citric acid, then the creatine sits in citric acid for weeks and weeks…that destroys it. 3. This product comes in multiple sizes with the largest of which providing the best value: 150 grams – 2000 grams. The best is probably grape juice, followed by orange juice (grapefruit and apple juice are a little slow). You can blend some seeds, nuts and fruits such as bananas or berries in your creatine smoothie to add more taste and nutrients. thanks. The idea behind grape juice with creatine has to do with insulin. You should notice creatine working withing several days. This is because creatine converts to creatinine in an acidic environment. Grape juice is highly recommended as a drink to accompany creatine ingestion. I looked around on a few credible websites and they didn’t mention creatine being specifically toxic for you when ingest with orange/grape juice I could only find that phosphoric acid breaks the creatine down to creatinine. Apple juice fits the bill. but is this necessary? Most of the people mix creatine with grape juice or with their protein shakes as it already has its own taste. with creatine, based on our review of medical studies. Before exercise – Take 5 grams of Creatine with wax corn. Creatine also hydrates muscle cells with water, promoting muscle fiber growth. Hell, we might even find some day there's a case for adding it to Junior's sippy cup or juice box. Studies have shown that you get a 60% greater cell uptake of creatine if you combine it with a simple sugar base, such as grape juice ( naturally rich in glucose ). ive been taking it with just water, is this okay? I currently mix mine with grape juice and was looking for a better alternative than this or water. Studies have shown that you get a 60% greater cell uptake of creatine if you combine it with a simple sugar base, such as grape juice ( naturally rich in glucose ). Physics 101 tell me that there's a saturation limit to the amount of powder a liquid will take, so, if I'm short of juice, I'll loose some of the actual dosage, and I'd rather not drink 1 gallon of grape juice with the creatine, because quite frankly, I hate the taste. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View … Would it be better to just take with water 3 times a day and then with grape juice after workout? The following schedule of taking creatine is well tested and by following this schedule, many people have got a positive result. Within the beverages, one is a grape beverage but mixed with raspberry and red currant , another one a grape beverage specified as organic , two of them are grape concentrate drinks [83, 84] and the last two a purple grape juice . True or false?Gotta say this forum is amazing! i understand the reason behind taking grape juice with creatine, for the insulin spike. It consists of a NiTROCOR™ Creatine Amino Esther stack for a multi-purpose effect on muscle preservation, … Taking creatine with sugar like grape juice helps to push the creatine faster into the muscles as creatine uptake needs to be enhanced by the intake of insulin. This is a healthier approach. i just purchased creatine mono and dextrose and was told to take 10g's creatine + 60g's dextrose post-workout. should i avoid the juice? Creatine supplements are also available in the form of capsules and energy bars. Yes it does work bro, or else it wouldn't be recommended 10-30-2017, 01:36 AM #5. You will find many different recommendations on how to take creatine. The sugar just causes a spike of insulin, which also helps uptake of the creatine. Thank you all for your great advice! The pH of the stomach is approximately 2, which is just as acidic, if not more acidic, then these juices. You can also mix creatine with juice or an electrolyte-containing energy drink. Muscles wither and the ability to do simple tasks vanishes. Th first sign will be muscle pumps. Regarding the polyphenolic content, the studies show a wide number of dosages. But the key to maximizing the benefits of creatine is to focus on what food and drink you’re consuming along with the supplement. Taking 100 grams of grape juice for every 5 grams of creatine is recommended. The acid causes the creatine to break down into a useless byproduct over time, but it takes time. i eat an apple pre workout, should i take it right before or after my apple? The Creatine I take everyday for about 4-6 weeks then I take a week off before starting over. Its best to go for grape juice if you are wanting to use juice, as grape juice as a higher GI. Do not ever take creatine with orange juice! The actual and right time to load Creatine is as follows: In the morning – Take 5gram with one glass of grape juice. As mentioned above, creatine beings to degrade when it is mixed with water, so you must consume it right away to get the maximum benefit from the supplement. DylanGemelli. In that case grapefruit juice and orange juice would be bad but most grape juice would be ok." Answer: There is nothing wrong with taking creatine with grapefruit juice, orange juice, or any Vitamin C containing product. The juice does boost insulin, not as much as dextrose or some other form of fast acting carbohydrate but it still works. If the stuff sits in orange juice for 2 seconds or however long it takes for you to drink a full glass of the stuff…not so much a problem. A big insulin spike will push the creatine into the muscle. With many of Nutricraze's creatine products, this is already included. A big insulin spike will push the creatine into the muscle. I use Creatine + grape/apple juice 30 minutes before working out then a Designer Whey Protein shake 30-60 minutes after the workout. any help would be great. im trying to lose body fat and gain some lean muscle at the same time. So on cycle, does taking an amino acid or creatine supplement really make any difference at all? I take my micronized creatine monohydrate with water, results are the same as taking it with fruit juice. You can very well get the same results by taking creation along with protein and carbs. Drink the creatine immediately. If the user mixes creatine with the drink, he or she shouldn't leave the drink standing for more than a few hours. the juice has 39g's sugar so should i mix 10g's of creatine with grapejuice and add about 20g's of dextrose to equal around 60g's dextrose? Considering the acidity of liquids that people usually do not recommend such as grapefruit juice (pH 3.2) isn’t that different to that which people do recommend such as grape juice (pH 3.4), I’d conclude it doesn’t really make too much of a difference. Grape juice or a sports drink are a great choice to mix your creatine with. Using a high-carb drink such as grape juice has been found to spike your insulin levels which in turn opens up the door for your muscles to soak up the creatine. Creatine absorption is better when it is pumped by a ready availability of insulin in the body. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue as part of the natural aging process. 06-16-2012, 01:24 PM #7 Instead, it recommended using grape juice. Thanks, BigZ User profile . Medications and Drinks That You Shouldn't Mix with Creatine 1. METHODS: We performed 3 experiments with 6 healthy male Japanese. But ideally you should use pure dextrose, about 50g worth per 5g creatine serving, immediately post workout. MIXES INSTANTLY: Mixes perfectly with juice to create creatine grape, creatine watermelon or … BACKGROUND: Since grape juice contains considerable amounts of fructose, which may increase the plasma concentration of urate, the combination of exercise and grape juice may increase the plasma concentration of urate to a greater degree than grape juice or exercise alone. Take 5 grams of creatine pre and post-workout, and whey protein post-workout with a banana, dextrose or waxy maize. The juice of choice was grape because it contained the most fructose, the sugar present in all fruit juices. If you're a sports buff and trying to get buffer, you have probably done your research on ergogenic aids. Answers: 0. Apparently, degradation is highest when creatine is exposed to a pH between 2 and 5. Try mixing your creatine with a glass of fruit juice such as grape juice. It's when old people truly become infants. I would avoid mixing with orange juice as there is a theory that the citric acid in it will lessen the effect of the creatine. But with plain-old creatine monohydrate powder, you want to use the fastest acting carbohydrate source - the one that will release the most insulin. Creatine and Old Bastards. Don’t Mix Creatine with Caffeine Creatine and caffeine don’t mix, according to new research studies. Creatine supplementation has been shown to increase strength, power and exercise capacity in strength-training individuals, according to New York University Langone Medical Center. Ways to Take Creatine.

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