Straight cuts are … But if you are interested on cutting tile professionally, we suggest you spend some money and rent or buy a bench tile cutting saw and instead of using a circular saw to cut cutting tile. Instead, special manual glass cutters are available, which are easier on the glass thanks to the lubricated rotary blades that can slice through the tile without crushing it, unlike the blades used in regular tile cutters. In order of hardeness, and on this list, ceramic is the next tile in line. The two best options are a wet tile saw or a masonry saw; both are designed to cut through the hard, abrasive materials often used to manufacture tile. Glass tiles are softer than ceramic and porcelain, but the main difference between these materials is their fragility. Hello Combatman, Thank you for your interest in Rubi Tools. For hand cutting, you could use the 230x22.2mm blade in an angle grinder, or a 300x20mm blade in a petrol saw. ... RUBI ND-180-BL 230v Plus Case Plus Extra Blade Of these three materials, porcelain is the hardest, and it should only be cut with a diamond blade for “ultra-hard materials”. We are the leading company in light machinery for the construction industry in Spain and the third largest supplier in Europe. Ceramic, porcelain and glass all have different hardnesses and resistance, which needs to be taken into account when you choose a blade. Many people mistakenly assume that all tile is created equal, and that you can cut tile made from one material in exactly the same way as you could tile of a different material, with the exact same tile cutting blade. The bottom line once again is that purchasing a dedicated ceramic tile blade is a worthwhile investment when weighed against the time it will take you using a slightly cheaper alternative. Stone, porcelain and glass tiles offer beautiful options for bath and kitchen tiling projects. But because ceramic is such a common material for tiles, there are ceramic-specific diamond blades available which will be ideal for this type of material. Porcelain is hard enough to wear down average tile saw blades and other tile cutting tools, stripping away the coating that holds the diamonds in place. Recommended blade for cutting hard materials such as porcelain tiles, granite, rustic tiles, clinker, refractory and slate. It did get hot fast so I’d probably not use it continuously but for the precision trim and cut outs it worked nicely. Here’s a quick tip for you: if you are using a wet saw (or an angle grinder), the secret to cut porcelain or ceramic tile without chipping it is to work slowly and with a well-sharpened blade. This blade should work fine with the tile you mentioned. It cut porcelain and ceramic with ease, nice clean cuts. These diamonds are eventually well distributed to all the positions of the blade. Rubi products are fantastic quality, they always do the job they are advertised to do. 1,5Kw 230/400V 50Hz HALCON 65, Fixing Brackets Set for SIMA Bridge Saws 5 cm height, Water Pump for SIMA Block-Brick-Masonry Saws 110V, Set of 4 Finish Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 120-125, Transportation Wheels Set for Power Trowels Halcon 95-125, Support Guides+Fixing Brackets for SIMA Perlanato, Transport Carriage for Power Trowels Halcon Duplo, Set of 4 Finish Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 60-65, Diamond Blade Dry Cut Ceramics Slim-Premium 4,5"/115mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut -Asphalt- Premium 12"/ 300mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut-Concrete-Premium 12"/300mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut Ceramics-Premium 12"/300mm, Polygonal stirrup device for BEND3R-36 & COMB3R 30-36, Diamond Blade Dry Cut-Granite Premium 9"/230mm, Basic Bending KIT DEL-32-36, Combi 25/32, Combi 30/36, Insulated Panels Saw 14"110V Elect. And how exactly these diamonds have evenly distributed in the blade is a very important feature deciding the cutting … Even now the disc still cuts well with very few chips. You can order up to 3 FREE cut samples (10cm x 10cm) at a time. 415V 2,2Kw DEL-32, Power Trowel 36" Honda Petrol 5,5Hp HALCON 95, Floor Saw 18" Honda Petrol CYC 13Hp COBRA 45, Benders-32mm+Shears 25mm Elect.415V 2.2Kw COMBI 25/32, Tile Saw Ø 8" 230V Elect. For use with direct connection to a 4½" angle grinder. Slate Tiles. I have now purchased another one as I was so pleased with the first one. What type of blade to cut porcelain tile, ceramic tile or glass tile? Whilst these blades are available to fit 300mm and 350mm cut off/petrol saws such as Stihl saws, we do not recommend this type of machine is used to cut 20mm thick porcelain, they are difficult to control with any degree of accuracy and you will chip the tile. An all-purpose blade won’t get the job done as these are generally designed with softer materials such as concrete in mind. The best blade for cutting ceramic tile will be labeled for this material, either by itself or along with another hard material like porcelain. The best blades to cut glass tiles are high- quality diamond blades that are specifically designed to cut glass. We sell professional high quality blades and assessories at competitive prices without compromise. Diamond blades are essential for the construction industry; the blade has synthetic diamonds in its outer edge to improve the cutting of all kinds of materials. But cutting these hard materials presents a unique challenge. Rectified Porcelain 800x800 tiles. If you’re planning on cutting porcelain, make sure you get a dedicated porcelain saw blade. 415V 1,5Kw STAR 16, Stone/Block Saw 28"415V Elect. HOW LONG DOES A TILE SAW BLADE LAST AND WHEN TO REPLACE IT? The best blades for cutting porcelain tiles are often labeled for use specifically with this material. We have to say this is one of the best wet tile saw blade for porcelain tile.

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